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  • 20. SAG Workshop – root detection - After the lively discussion about root detection in the SAG WhatsApp group, we would like to invite you to a workshop on the topic.   Date Thursday, May11th, 2023, 09:00 a.m. to 05:00 p.m. CEST Where Landessportbund Hessen e.V. Otto-Fleck-Schneise 4 60528 Frankfurt / Germany Registration please sent an e-mail to Fee Free for members, non-members: 220,- Euro For all those who would like to become a member of the SAG: The participation fee will be credited to the… Read More
  • SAG tree statics summer lecture day in Trieste, Italy. 21st of July 2022 - In the course of the SAG Summer School 2022 in Trieste, a public conference will take place on Thursday, 21st of July 2022. There, lectures on some topics of the Summer School will be held. SAG members and the well-known experts invited to the Summer School will present important results of their research and practical work to a greater international public. The full program: (PDF-Version: ) Language of the conference: English – Italian (simultaneous translation from English) Admission: €… Read More
  • SAG summer school in Trieste, Italy. July 2022 - From July 17th to 22nd, SAG is holding a workshop on the subject of pulling tests. Experts and users want to gather and expand their experiences in small groups in an idyllic environment and also discuss them critically, e.g. new results from science and research on the subjects - Tree morphology - case studies of pulling special trees - Material properties of different trees - Wind and tree interaction - and much more. During the week renowned scientists will join… Read More

The Tree

is a complex biological organism whose functions are often only partially understood. Obviously, we can only promote and deepen this understanding if we adopt a broad interdisciplinary approach. For this purpose, all rationally comprehensible findings and research approaches should be noted and tested impartially for their practical applicability.

The SAG does not only want to use the resources of its members, but also aims for a specialist discussion with all representatives of specialist disciplines outside the SAG. Our work is not aimed at representing the interests of individual research methods and approaches. Existing methods should be discussed, evaluated and, as far as possible, integrated and further developed on the basis of new findings.



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Expert Skills

The expert working group Baumstatik is an internationally registered and non-profit association.
Our members come from the fields of forestry and engineering, biology, mycology, tree care and horticulture. These skills and experiences flow into an interdisciplinary collaboration.

The members of the disciplinary SAG Baumstatik e.V. have a wealth of experience in the field of tree statics. In addition to the high level of knowledge in the respective subject area, this is based, among other things, on the preparation of several thousand safety assessments on trees, on the basis of statically integrated, injury-free tensile tests. Our expertise is also reflected in the fact that almost all members of the SAG are publicly appointed and sworn in as experts (öbv SV) and thus act as appraisers in court.