12th SAG Workshop

on October 4 th 2016 in Nancy, France


Advances in biomechanics and mechanobiology for the diagnostic of urban trees

Over the last 3 decades, the biomechanical inputs for the analysis of urban trees have been largely developed, starting with the seminal works of Lothar Wessolly and Klaus Mattheck. As a consequence, leading experts in the diagnostic of mechanical stability and safety of urban trees are now using techniques of biomechanical engineering such as model of static wind loads on trees and/or static tension-flexion tests.

We would like to make an update and to share ideas with arboriculture experts about novel findings from the biomechanics and mechanobiology research along 3 lines directly related to tree safety: crown reconfiguration in wind, dynamics and compartmentalization of mechanical energy, long term acclimation of trees (see program).

The following exchange between scientists and expert will be on i) how to improve current biomechanical tools for the mechanical analysis of trees and ii) how we may change from punctual diagnosis to longitudinal monitoring and long-term diagnosis.

language English, translations to and from French and German on request
time Tuesday, 4.10.2016, 8:30 am to 5:30 pm
location INRA Centre de Nancy, Rue d’Amance,
54280 Champenoux, France
building and room number to be announced
fees SAG-members only for food and drinks
non-members 245.- € plus VAT
rooms QuickPalace
midway between Nancy and INRA,Ibis

www.hotel-stanislas.fr/ in Nancy

regristration Öffnet ein Fenster zum Versenden der E-Maila.akontz(at)tree-consult.org
or phone +49-89-752150


Download the Invitation with detailed PDF-Program.