Inclusion of new members in the SAG-Baumstatik e.V.

The decision to include new members in SAG-Baumstatik e.V. lies with the general assembly of SAG-Baumstatik e.V, which decides on the admission of each new member. There is no legal claim to membership in SAG-Baumstatik e.V. and only natural persons can become members of SAG. Company memberships are excluded.


In principle, all persons can become SAG members who fulfill the following admission requirements:

  • Experts, scientists or teachers
  • which deal with the study and assessment of trees or with the basics for such investigations or
  • have experience in the performance and evaluation of train tests or
  • use the engineering, biological integrating procedures for the study and assessment of trees
  • Interest in the work of the SAG-Baumstatik e.V. and readiness for active cooperation is required. To get to know the applicant, he / she should attend at least two SAG workshops.

Procedure of an application

  1. The applicant participates in at least two workshops of the SAG Baumstatik.
  2. The applicant submits an informal written application to the board of SAG-Baumstatik e.V., with which the wish to become a member of the SAG is expressed and justified. Applicants must explain to the Board that the above-mentioned reception conditions are fulfilled for their person and should appoint a member of the SAG as a reference.
  3. The executive committee examines the application and proposes a reception to the general assembly.
  4. In the general meeting, the candidate presents herself. The member of the SAG Baumstatik named as Refern is asked. The admission takes place by resolution of the general meeting with 2/3 majority of the meeting.

Membership fee

The annual fee for a membership in SAG-Baumstatik e.V. is currently: EUR 400.00

The membership fee is first charged for the first time for the current year of admission.

Already paid fees for participation in SAG workshops in the year of admission are credited to the first annual fee.

Recording Application

Hereby you submit an application for inclusion in the SAG-Baumstatik e.V .:

    I have read the conditions. (required)

    I would like to become a member of the SAG. (required)