19th SAG Workshop

on March 18th 2021 online as a webinar



Wind and Tree Interaction

Current studies and models for the dynamic response of trees in natural winds


Program and speakers (all times CET/MEZ = UTC + 1/Berlin)


8:30     Introduction


8:45     Damien Sellier
Tree sway frequency and damping – finite element modelling and age effects

Damien Sellier is computational modeller at Scion – the New Zealand Forest Research Institute – in Rotorua. His research focuses on developing physics-based models to study tree physiology, wood formation and wood mechanics. He is particularly interested in digital models capturing the real-life complexity of tree organisms. He has a PhD in mechanical engineering; his thesis was the numerical analysis of tree aerodynamic behaviour under wind turbulence in a forest canopy.


9:15     discussion

9:45     coffee break


10:15    Daniel Burcham
Changes in the dynamic properties of trees in natural winds after pruning

Daniel Burcham is the Deputy Director for Urban Trees at the National Parks Board in Singapore. In his research he is studying the behaviour of trees in natural winds.


11:00    discussion

11:30    coffee break


12:00    Toby Jackson
The motion of trees in the wind. A data synthesis

Toby Jackson is currently a postdoc in Cambridge supervised by Prof David Coomes. He is working on the effects of wind on tropical forests. This 4 year NERC funded project uses LiDAR to map forest structure and so model wind flow over a complex forest landscape. He will also be measuring wind speeds and the bending response of tall trees in situ.


12:30    discussion

1:00     lunch break


2:00     Ebba Dellwik
The SingleTree Experiment: An experimental characterization of the wind-tree interaction of an open-grown oak tree

Ebba Dellwik is senior researcher in the Meteorology and Remote Sensing Section in the Wind Energy Department of the Technical University of Denmark. Ebba leads DTU’s research on forest and tree aerodynamics and the study of their impact on the wind conditions. Her focus is on both full-scale and wind tunnel experimental studies with a scope of improving the parameterization of trees in weather and flow models.


2:30     Nikolas Angelou
Mean drag estimation on a full-scale tree using tree-mounted sensors and scanning wind LiDAR measurements

Nikolas Angelou is a postdoctoral researcher in the Meteorology and Remote Sensing Section in the Wind Energy Department of the Technical University of Denmark. His scientific interest is on the investigation of the wind conditions in the atmospheric boundary layer, experimental flow studies using scanning wind LiDAR, wind-tree interactions and in general flow characterization for wind engineering applications.


3:00     discussion

3:30     afternoon coffee break


4:00     Dirk Schindler
Modelling tree responses to turbulent wind from in-situ measurements

Dirk Schindler is the professor for environmental meteorology at the university of Freiburg. From in-situ measurements on trees he derives new models to describe wind and tree interaction.


4:30     discussion

5:00     closing remarks, goodbye


language              English, German (simultaneous translation provided)

time                     Thursday, 18.03.2021, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm

location                online, platform to be announced


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